Help with x-10 strange problem...

help. with putting lights on and off

all of a sudden my ms13a s don't work right.. they are set properly but do not trigger the lights that are plugged into plm01s If I use the computer program and send the signal the lights go on and off. If I use a remote control panel like hr12a that doesn't work either. Strange

How do I fix this Marv

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Have you installed a coupler/filter?? Have you recently added anything to your home (appliance/electronic wise)??

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Frank Olson

The one thing in common to the MS13A and HR12A is the transceiver (RR501, TM751, ???).

Have you added any new appliance, AV gear, PC, etc. to the phase its on?

Can you hear the relay click when you send a signal to it with the HR12A?

"marv" wrote:

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