Sundowner SD533 modification to control all 8 devices

Is it possible to modify the SD533 mini-controller to switch all 8 devices on and off at dusk? Out of the box it will only control the 4 units that are selected with the top slider switch.

I have looked for a schematic for the controller and the photocell PWB but have had no luck.

What I am trying to accomplish is to control my holiday lighting. I want them to all turn on a dusk and then off at bedtime. I thought that the appliance module would respond to "all lights on" but after buying everything I learned differently.

Now I am trying to make the best of what I have- (8) AM486 modules and this one SD533 controller.

I thought that if I could get the controller to switch all 8 units on at dusk, then I could simply send a "all units off" at bedtime.

As it is now, it looks like I my choices are:

  1. Manually turn each of the 8 devices on and then all-off later.

  1. Buy another SD533 controller and have each controller handle 4 units to turn on at dusk and then I use the all-off on both units at bedtime. Probably they both won't turn on within a short time of each other- this defeats the purpose.

  2. Buy some kind of programmable controller that I can write a macro that will turn on all units based upon dusk or a fixed time and then off at a fixed time.

It's obvious that I am brand new at this. I thought it would be easier.

BTW, the reason that I bought AM486 instead of light modules is that I use compact fluorescents everywhere in my house and I thought that in the non-holiday season I might find a use for the x-10 control of these lights. And now I read that CF and the AM486 may have issues.....

Advice anyone?

TIA, Rich

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AZ Woody

X-10 is unloading their stock of RCA-branded CM11A computer interfaces for $10 + $6 S&H. One of these can be easily programmed with timers and macros to handle the Dusk-relative lighting. See:

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Charles Sullivan

Well, duh, and I thought I was a sort-of smart guy. Gotta think outside the box more.

Setting all the units to the same HC should work perfectly.

And I ordered a Home automation kit as well for other applications.

Thank you for your GREAT suggestions!!


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Good call!

-- Bobby G.

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Robert Green

The only think to be careful of is where you place the sundowner, and to adjust it's trigger point. I basically have mine on a window sill, pointed outside, so it won't be effected by inside lighting.

Robert Green wrote:

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