Problem with cheap video cam

I'd like to add some video to my home but know little about it so I bought a cheap B&W camera from Harbor freight to play with using an old apple monitor to watch the picture. Actually the picture was reasonable BUT everywhere there was grass the picture was too bright. There must be something in grass that the camera was sensitive to, the grass was bright in both sunlight & shade. I tried various angles to cut down the grass visible but was limited by what I need to see.

I got that camera also because it uses a standard 4-wire telephone wire to carry the power to the camers and the video back, and got the B&W version since I thought it would work better in low light. I could have gotten the color version for a few dollars more.

What I want to know is, what do I look for in a better camers to avoid the bad glare I always got from the grass (the trees were OK). I plan to run a wire 800' to my gate to mount the camera so I want something that can operate over long cables.

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Nick Hull
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Well, you are a good case AGAINST the "cheap is best" mentality. Pay a few bucks more, perhaps from a main-line manufacturer like Pelco or Sony or Panasonic or something.

Cheap is Cheap.


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