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Hello. I would be happy if you can help me with something. My wifi connection goes much faster in linux than in windows, and I don't know why. I tried several things but I haven't been able to find out the problem. The online speedtests in linux mark 10Mbps, while in Windows only


My adapter is a rtl8187 (same chip than alpha500 but not the alpha). In windows I use the only drivers I found (WinDriver_6.1313.0613.2007), while in linux I use the drivers included in Wifiway.

Please, help me if you want, and thank you!

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Terry Driser
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Which Linux mutation? Which Windoze (2000, XP, Vista, Win7)? What manner of computah hardware (especially the wireless devices)? What maker and model access point or wireless router? Numbers are a good thing.

Whenever I see exactly 3Mbits/sec, the first thing that comes to mind is are you stuck in 802.11b mode on the Windoze machine? Does your unspecified Wireless adapter (presumably that uses the RTL8187 chip) an 802.11b only device? Any settings in the Windoze driver?

The RTL8187 is usually buried inside a USB device. Are you plugging this into a USB 1.0 or USB 1.1 port on your unspecified model Windoze computah?

I don't really want to help, but I just hate to see someone suffer. Besides, I also needed to unload some frustration, so I thought it nice to complain about your lack of supplied hardware and OS information and numbers.

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Jeff Liebermann

I have that adapter.

The driver installed under XP is the RTL8139.sys NDS 5 version 5.398.613.2003 built by WinDDK

Seems strange that it's not listed as 8187, but that's what comes up using DriverView.

Works fine with no speed issues.

There are a few flavours of the 8187 (L & B) so you may have to try a few,

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me here

Further to my previous post, I'm a bit confused by the information being listed by DriverView.

Unfortunately I can't go into device manager to see the driver version as the adapter is currently a non goer due to the fact that the USB plug is cactus - I'm waiting for delivery of a USB cable to splice onto the plug pins and do away with the original inbuilt connector.

So looking on the driver disc at the XP driver it is 51293.0518.2007


That should be correct.

I can only assume that DriverView is listing a generic driver of some sort. So just how good is that program ;-(

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me here

Terry Driser wrote in news:Xns9D1ED74F66591Cocoloco@

One thing that people don't take into account sometimes is the affect of realtime security s/w, like NIS, when running Windows.

There was a similar issue I had when I had thought my very old cable modem was acting up and was limiting my speed. It was a DOCSIS1.1 modem that I purchased at least 5 years ago, and T/W recently made upgrades to the system, and I thought that my very old modem was slowing it down. So I bit the bullet and got a new modem from T/W.

As it turned out, what was really doing the slowdown was the version of ZoneAlarm firewall I had installed. I upgraded to the latest ZA firewall free product, and the speed returned.

Since people don't normally run realtime AV or other things like this under Linux, that would be one reason.

Of course, that's a huuuuuge difference you see, so it may not be something as simple as this.

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Same machine? If different machines, are you using a USB 1 or USB 2 port on the Windows machine?

Check if you have any power saving modes set in Windows for the device.


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Jerry Peters

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