Motion Sensor on 3-Way

I have the following setup: (1) Light fixture at base of basement steps. (2) Switch plate at the top of the steps (3) Switch plate down in the basement area

I want that: (1) The light turn on by motion when the plane is broken at the top of the steps (2) The light goes off after set period (3) The light goes on by motion when the plane is broken in the downstairs area

Can I install 2 Leviton (3-Way) switches to accomplish what I am looking to accomplish? If yes, can you make some wiring comments so that I am certain we wire this one for proper functioning?

If not, how else should this setup be wired?

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We seem to be missing something. How are you sensing when people pass the top or bottom or the stairs?

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B Fuhrmann

The 2523 is actually a single pole motion sensor that can get wired in series with a 3-way switch. A two gang box is required for this set-up.

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