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Saw some threads concerning resources. Recently received this...

Kickstart - Alive and Kickin'

Kickstart is live, and it's about time. Visit

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now to access our growing library of A/V Touch Panel Icons, Borders and Background graphics.

Make sure to check out our exclusive Preview feature that will let you see how your Icon, Border and Background selections will look together.

We're planning a regular newsletter called Kick Me to address issues related to the A/V industry, and to push our products (of course). If you'd like us to stop sending you email, send a blank message to

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Just visited the site. Cool looking sight with some really nice graphics.

They have a nice variety of icons. And a lot of them are pretty hard to find elsewhere on the web.

I am just getting started on my GUI, so I am definitely going to bookmark this site and revisit it again.

Looks like they are also open to suggestions for other icons, and designs.

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I got two sets, and a grouping. Tried it with my own backdrop and it looks very good. I asked them if their preview is fixed and they said the next version will allow a user to import their own backdrop to play with. They are also planning to save preview "scenes" for later review by a client or something like that. Still trying to figure out what they're talking about in creating a skinning import structure???? Anyway, really, really cool and useful :)

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