Got my cheap chinese Ebay yagi - here's some test results

Further to my previous post regarding laptop problems, during which time I mentioned I had a cheap Ebay yagi in the mail, it has arrived.

It's actually quite good, reasonably well made, and no complaints about quality v's price.

I already had a bit of web info up on corner reflectors, so I added the test results to that page.

formatting link
If anyone's interested have a look and see what you get for $25 AUS.

Incidentally the large gap near the driven element as mention by Jeff L(displayed on the Ebay ad) is not a feature of the unit I received.

It appears to be a suitable toy for tinkering with, and money comparatively well spent :-)



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Looks nice. Congrats.

No kidding. Compare the photo at:

with what you received.

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Jeff Liebermann

I was a bit concerned after you pointed that out, but the unit was already on it's way.

But the one out of the box is OK.

It's the same seller, but if you check the photo on my web page you can see the driven element is in the correct position.

So the picture in the Ebay ad is strange. It shows the driven element pop rivetted quite close to the first reflector, whereas on the one I reievd it's mid point.

I was tempted to email the guy about it.


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me here

Hi Jeff

Just further to this, I see that ebay item 130335406078 from a totally different seller shows the same odd setup for a very similar antenna.

Maybe mines a reject :-)


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