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Hi All,

I am almost (!) ready for the BCMSN next week but looking for someone who has recently taken it (ideally in the UK) to give me some pointers in the following:

** How many Questions where there? ** How many labs? ** What (roughly) were the labs about?

Many thanks to everyone in advance,


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Johnny Noitargim
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Hi Johnny,

I took the BCMSN about 4 weeks ago so. There were 64 questions and two labs. The first lab was to setup a vtp domain between two switches and the second was to setup ip routing between switches, the range of ports specified were set to portfast to they had to be changed first (i think.!)

Over all the questions were ok, know the different stages of port status, designated, backup etc.

Check out

formatting link
've included some sample questions i found were very link the exam.

Have to sat the CIT exam if so any pointers..??


BCMSN11. Which command enables an EtherChannel bundle on a Catalyst 2900XL switch? A. Port group B. Set port channel on C. Port etherchannel enable D. Set etherchannel port enable

?????????: 16861000?7?11 top12. Which two statements about dynamic VLANs are true? (Choose two) A. Each switch port is assigned to a specific VLAN. B. Dynamic VLANs require a VLAN Membership Policy Server. C. Devices are in the same VLAN regardless of which port they attach to. D. Dynamic VLAN assignment are made through the command interface.

?????????: 16861000?7?12 top13.

Which statement is correct about 802.1Q trunking? (Select all that apply) A. Both switches must be in the same VTP domain. B. The encapsulation type of both ends of the trunk does not have to match. C. The native VLAN on both ends of the trunk must be VLAN 1. D. 802.1Q trunking can only be configured on a Layer 2 port. E. In 802.1Q trunking, all VLAN packets are tagged on the trunk link, except the native VLAN.

?????????: 16861000?7?13 top14.Y ou need to take advantage of FastEthernet ports. Which two actions avoid configuration problems that cause the port to be automatically disabled? (Choose two) A. Allow some ports in a channel to be disabled. B. Configure the ports in a channel as dynamic VLAN ports. C. Configure all ports in a channel to operate at the same speed and duplex mode. D. Assign all ports in a channel to the same VLAN or configure them as trunk ports.

?????????: 16861000?7?14 top15. What is the cause of jitter? A. Variable queue delays B. Packet drops C. Transmitting too many small packets D. Compression

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