Non-profit needs donation of some POTS lines [Telecom]

Thanks for reading this. I'm posting on behalf of a non-profit
organization that does important work.
As you know, I've recently asked for help getting in touch with
experts on telegraph signalling. In the process of talking to those
who've contacted me, I found out that the Morse Telegraph Club, of
which I'm a long-term member, needs your help to continue its work.
The MTC has been running a "Dial Up Morse" telegraph hub for many
years, but the members can't afford the cost of the phone lines
anymore, and so they're looking for donors who would be able to offer
to provide a tax-deductible contribution. If you or your employer are
in a position to give the Morse Telegraph Club the use of four local
numbers, preferably in the Marion, Ohio area, please contact the
club's President, who lives in the neighborhood.
The Dial Up Morse hub is a special, custom-made circuit arrangement
that allows retired telegraphers to hook up telegraph keys and
sounders to simple 301-type modems, and connect them together via the
hub, so that they can demonstrate the way Western Union and railroad
telegraph lines worked, during "Living History" demonstrations for
schoolchildren and museum visitors.
The club would like to have the lines available all the time, since
their demonstrations take place during school and/or museum hours:
ideally, they would be toll-free numbers. Of course, other
arrangements are possible.
The only stipulation is that they can't be VoIP lines, since VoIP and
modems don't mix very well. If convenient, potential benefactors who
are in need of a deduction could fund the lines instead of providing
them directly.
Thanks for thinking about it: if you can help, or know someone who
can, please get in touch with James Wades, the MTC President. His
email address is
Bill Horne
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Bill Horne
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I'm forwarding a message from the Morse Telegraph Club president: I'll pass along my thanks to the Digest's readers for any help you can give in keeping this important educational effort going.
BTW, I miswrote the desired location: see Mr. Wades' email for more info.
Bill Horne
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Sound great, Bill: I really appreciate it, and I am sure we can work out hosting at a location in Northern Indiana, SW to Central Michigan, or the Southern Illinois area (it's currently located at Owosso, Michigan). Likewise, I could probalby place the system at my home or office provided the lines were subsidized.
My goal as International President of MTC has been to encourage our chapters and members to get out in the community to demonstrate telegraphy. We have produced a nice video on the history of the telegraph for use in schools, and many of our members are active in their communities assisting with everything from railroad history events to civil war re-enactments.
It would be a fine public service to keep it going.
Thanks again, and 73!
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