Zone Alarm Security Suite registration in UK

Hi, I am a newbie here so apologise if this has been raised numerous times before.

I bought ZA Security Suite 6 for 2 users competitive upgrade from Amazon recently. There was a note inside to email quoting a long code so that they could send me a valid serial key. Until then I only got a 14 day licence.

6 days later after 3 emails and 2 phone calls to Avanquest they supplied me with 2 serial keys. These were inserted and extended my expiry date to 25 days. Avanquest tell me that ZA have to check their records in the US and that I should get an increase to 365 days within about 10 days.

Is this how Zone Alarm normally work in the UK? If so it is not surprising that their paid for products are lacking in market penetration.


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The Invisible Man
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Reading FAQs and reading the last days' postings would help.

You don't need Zonealarm anyway. Just use the Windows-Firewall.

Yours, VB.

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