WatchGuard SOHO WG2500 plz help.....

I buyed this firewall, used so the password to this site down under is lost and you hafto go in there to download the latest firmware. i did by misstake reset this unit so now is it going on the origninal firmware and tells me to uppgrade it, does anyone have this firmware or know how to get it ... i tryed to register me again but they wont alow me becorse it´s regitrated alredy...

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my english is not so god but maby you understand anyway !

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When you buy a WG Firebox unit it comes with manuals and a cart with a key number that permits you to install the software on your computer. Once you have the software installed, you can install the firewall rules via serial cable or via IP - but you have to have the manual in order to understand how to do it.

The license and key are not transferrable to another buyer, you have to purchase a license and key from WG or their vendors.

You do not need to flash the firmware with a new firmware version, you only need to load the rules into the firebox.

A 2500 one of their higher end firewalls, before the X series came out, please call WG and they will explain what you need and how to get it.

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I mailed to watchguard and they said my wg2500 is running on a old firmware to be abel to configur it i hafto download the SOHO_5_2_11 version from ther site so they wrote down the serial number on my box, i scaned in the bying paper and mailed them. then i got a login, now i?ts up and running, last time i tried ro register and typed in the serial myselt, but we had to do a owner switch at the server,

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