Watchguard SOHO 6 & Windows Vista Business

Good evening from Wisconsin,

I have installed a new Vista Business PC that sits behind a Watchguard SOHO 6 in one of our clients' networks. The Watchguard is the DHCP server, DNS server, and gateway for this network.

The Watchguard correctly hands out its own IP address as the DNS server when clients in this network request DHCP info. This one Windows Vista Business PC refuses to use the Watchguard as its DNS server - all DNS requests for external IPs simply time out. However, hard-coding the upstream provider's DNS servers into the NIC's configuration results in successful DNS resolution for all external IPs.

I have scoured the Watchguard's configuration, and there are no blocks that would prevent this Vista PC from using the Watchguard as its DNS server, and both Windows Firewall and McAfee Internet Security Suite are both disabled entirely. This PC has also been configured to trust all peers in the same subnet.

Hard-coding the upstream provider's DNS servers works, but it's not an ideal situation because I still need to know why this is happening, as this office will slowly be upgrading all PCs to Vista within the next year or so.

Could anyone here share any insight as to why this is happening, and where I could look to resolve it?

Many thanks in advance,

-- Isaac Grover, Owner Quality Computer Services of River Falls, Wisconsin Web:

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Isaac Grover
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I don't see this with any of the SOHO6tc units we have in place.

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Get rid of McAfee insecurity completely rather than disabling it. Reset the Ip stack netch int ip reset reset.txt Drop the NIC MTU to about 1460 using drtcp.exe. MTU size *shouldn't* have any effect on DNS requests due to the packet size, but in my experience does.

Another source of grief is connecting a gigabit nic (esp the Intel ones) into a 10/100 switch. I'd hazard a guess that this is the cause. E.

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netsh int ip reset reset.txt

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