Searching for a UTM Appliance that will Quarantine POP3 spam emails

We are looking for an appliance that will Quarantine spam pop3 emails that come in either by an exchange pop3 connector or a PC with outlook client downloading the POP3 messages. We also have the need to Load balance and provide automatic failover bewteen 2 Data T1 lines (in case one goes down).

I am told that the Astaro 220 will do this. Are there any others?

Thanks in advance

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Watchguard UTM won't "Quarantine" POP3 email, but it will Prepend the SUBJECT with SPAM, BULK, Suspect or user defined message. It will AV scan the POP3 email before it reaches your client/server.

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I don' know your budget, but aladdin esafe can do that - and a LOT more ...

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