using your own arin ip block

Hello we have an ip block that we got from ARIN many years ago. We are moving our office to a new location. Our present isp XO allow us to use our own block. Does anyone know how easy it is to find a provider that allow to use your own block of arin ips? Can any one tell me which providers would allow me to use my own ip block? fios, comcast, rcn, att???

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If you're buying _business_ service. *MOST* providers will -- on 'dedicated' circuits. I wouldn't count on it with 'cable' providers, who's entire infrastructure is designed around supporting 'residential' customers.

If you're trying to cheap out on 'consumer-grade' service, forget it.

That said, to get an authoritative answer from any specific provider ASK THEM! That's what they have salesmen for.

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