Sunblade 100 Workstation serial port link to Cisco PIX appliance CONSOLE port.

I am having a problem connecting to the Cisco PIX Security Appliance from a Sunblade 100 workstation. I not sure if there is a problem with the Sunblade 100 NVRAM settings for the serial port. I have used the UNIX tip hardwire to connect to a 56kbps U.S. Robotics modem ( no phone line connection ) after setting a symbolic link on the Sunblade 100 to point to /dev/ttya I was able to get the modem to respond (It started to dial). However, the PIX appliance needs to be connected to the CONSOLE port from the Sunblade 100 workstation. If anyone knows a way to setup ANSI or VT100 to work with UNIX command $ tip hardwire or the UNIX cu command it would be greatly appreciated.

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