USB Serial Port

Hopefully this will save someone some grief. After much messing around with junk that did not work, I finally found a USB serial port that works properly and is fully-functional. The break function even works for password recovery on Cisco routers.

Manufacturer: BAFO Technologies Model: BF-810

That is the 9 pin version. There is a 25 pin version which I assume works as well.

--- Mooron

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Thank you.

I love these tidbits of info. I hate messing with stuff when you someone else has already gone through the pain.

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Derick Winkworth

Digi makes an excellent USB to Serial adapter also called the EdgePort which comes in many configurations. I haven't found anything that it doesn't work properly on. We use them extensively in our company against routers, switches, PLC devices, etc and no glitches so far. They are a little pricey but you get what you pay for.


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