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You probably have a usb port? Get a usb to serial converter.

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I got a new laptop which doesnt have any serial port, so I am wondering what would be the best solution if I want to do a console connection using the switch serial port. thanks-Rob

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Four solutions come to mind. From the easiest to most complex, they are:

1) usb to serial adapter if your laptop has usb

2) buy a pcmcia serial card (probably the simplest next to the usb solution)

3) buy a serial to ethernet device to plug into the switch, something like a digi realport.
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basically a serial to telnet converter. you plug this digi realport into the switches serial port, plug the laptop into the ethernet on the digi, and tlenet from your PC

4) buy a uart, crystal, etc., a soldering iron, scematics for your laptops motherboard...

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T. Sean Weintz

On 15.03.2005 20:10 Rob wrote

buy an USB-Serial adapter ...


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Arnold Nipper

Just one note of caution. Some USB-to_serial cables will not send BREAK. This can be a problem if you work with devices that may require it (like doing password recovery on Cisco gear). My cable from iogear works well.

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Hansang Bae

.... and then the laptop _does_ have a parallel printer port, which nobody ever uses because all printers are either usb or networked.

As ObOtherPosters have mentioned, the simplest is some sort of adapter. It may be worth the effort to bitch to your favourite laptop vendor a bit; it won't help now but maybe it will for some future model.

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