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I have the firewall Kerio 4.

I have 2 computers, 1 PC and 1 laptop. My laptop is link by a router. If my firewall is open I can't access the file on the other computer and also the printer. If I close the firewalls on both computers everythig work fine. How can make this work ? I am a newbie in firewall and I am sorry for my mistakes I speak better french.

Many thanks in advance for your help

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You open the ports on the personal firewall to the ports being talked about in the link.

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's_port_445_in_w2k_xp_2003.htm Some PFW(s) have an automatic setting that will open those ports. Other than that, you have to set firewall rules to open the ports manually on each machine.

That's ports 137-139 UDP and 445 TCP (NT based only like XP) that must be opened on the PFW.

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Mr. Arnold

In order to create the rules, you will have to go into Network Security >

Applications > Packet Filter. You can then create rules on both computers giving them access to these ports on your local network only. Make sure of what you are doing, however, before you do this (by doing some research), as you don't want to allow NetBios universally.

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And why not use NetBios universally, whatever that means? The machine are networking behind a NAT router. And if the OP takes the laptop and connects to a another network, then the OP disables Client for MS networks and File and Print Sharing for MS networks on the NIC so that the machine cannot network.

It shouldn't be more complicated for the person than it needs to be.

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