Kerio kpfss.exe - open source PC firewall

1) Kerio Firewall was working great on my PC for a while. Recently, I think it got updated (probably latest version).

Now - opening any windows takes forever or just hangs. When I check task manager - kpfss.exe is using up 99% of my cpu time. If I kill the process - the computer behaves fine.

There is also, no longer a Kerio Firewall icon in my systray.

I am sick of Kerio and want to get rid of it if this cannot be fixed.

Anyone have this issue?

2) Is there a free open source firewall? Or does anyone have an recommendations for a better firewall.

$59.99 for Kerio is NOT worth it....



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Hi, have a look at Comodo Personal Firewall at

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- I have been running it for a couple of weeks now, and like it. Have also used ZoneAlarm and Kerio in the past.

Paul R

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Paul R

Also, I have Kerio installed on a PC, and the configuration windows always freezes when there is network traffic.

I heard about Jetico, is it a better firewall?

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