Norton vs. ZoneAlarm

I just got a new computer. It came with Norton Internet Security. My previous computer, running Windows 98, had the personal (free) version of ZoneAlarm.

Which is better?

If I use Norton are there certain options I should change to give more protection?

I connect via cable modem so I'm always connected. ZoneAlarm had a setting that allowed me to virtually close the Internet connection after a certain amount of time passed with no activity. I cannot find anything similar in Norton.

Any help would be appreciated.


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The one that serves and/or suits your specific wants/needs.

I can't help there, I don't use Norton.

If that's the case, then it seems you have answered your own question, and Zone Alarm is the one that fits your particular wants best.

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A false sense of security is a bad idea.

Disconnect the network cable.

Do you know what every line in the list produced by this tool is doing? you do then that's a start. Are you using a user account on your new PC and only running as administrator when you have to? Are you using a web browser which is less likely than the default browser to accept malware from a web site? If not then try

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your new computer have all updates from
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SP2? Do you have the most recent updates for any other software you use? Do you know what the computer is connecting to and why? If not then
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be useful. Do you know what can be seen from outside? If not then try some of these
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I would advise you to have anti-virus software installed and to make sure it is kept up to date. Personal firewall software is not likely to be of benefit.


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Jason Edwards

Did you get stuck with the pre-installed 60-day trial version of NIS? If so, in 2 months you will be looking for a free replacement (Symantec doesn't provide any) or buying NIS. So if NIS won out on the comparison, are you really intent on paying for it? Or are you going to drop the expired NIS and go with some freebie alternatives (which will have to include both a firewall plus an anti-virus program since NIS includes AV but ZoneAlarm Free does not)?

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Too bad but a perfect reason for an immediate clean installation from scratch without it.

Which did what to protect you?

Both are crap that do more harm than good.

Yes, uninstall it. Install Brain 1.0 or above and get some clue.

Fine, shut down all unwanted services, sit back and relax.

If in doubt, simply pull the network cable. Wolfgang

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Wolfgang Kueter

No, I got a 15 month version of Symantec. I like it. I just wonder if it protects as well as Zonealarm.

I realize that unplugging the cable modem is the best thing to do but we are on and off the computer dozens of times a day so it would be a huge pain to have to do that. Not as big a pain as an infected computer of course.

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Well put a $20 NAT router in front of the machine and you're in like Flint. And then the machine can stay connected 24/7 365 as the router protects.

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Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Why? Because it communicates so frequently with you?

Hint: A firewall *must* *under* *no* *circumstances* allow (end) user interaction.

No personal firewall protects well.


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