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Hi, I have Zone Alarm 2004. Also Norton antivirus. Everytime I boot the computer Zone Alarm asks me if I want to allow Symantec to serve as a Server. I click NO, and next time I turn the computer on there comes the same question. There is no option of "do not ask again". Anyone knows how to get rid of that question asking for Symantec to be the Server? Please, if you do not know, refrain from replying. Thanks, Doc

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Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

I don't know, but I'm replying anyway. If there is no "do not ask again" option on the pop-up have you tried opening ZA to the PROGRAM CONTROL -> PROGRAMS page and setting the two SERVER (Trusted & Internet) options to BLOCK (red X) there? If that doesn't work then I suggest removing that entry from ZA, letting it discover it again next time, and then seeing if you can set it then to your liking (either by pop-up or on PROGRAMS page). Since that's all the suggestions/ideas I have, I won't reply again (or spend any more time thinking about it). And I never heard of Zone Alarm 2004. Perhaps the specific ZA application (free, pro, plus, anti-virus, security suite, etc) and a specific version number will get you a specific solution.

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