Norton: "Permit All" doesn't

I'm running Norton Personal Firewall 2005. With some programs that ask permission, I check Permit All, on all ports, etc.

But each time the program runs, NPW asks again.

How come? Thanks. Ken

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Norton was one of the worst "Personal Firewalls" in our test.

It opens useless Popups to the user, it's vulnerable to the SelfDoS attack, it has features which are even counterproductive like the filtering of secrets, which leads into quite the opposite, publicizing secrets, and as every "Personal Firewall" it fails to do anything secure at all except the packet filtering.

But Norton (the tested release was Symantec Norton Personal Firewall 2005) is the fattest software in this section I saw - it installs 34 directories with 417 files, and registers 3556 keys with 5934 values. So I'm not surprised, that with the Norton stuff your PC is quick like a snail.

What a bloat to offer really nothing! Better use the Windows-Firewall.

Yours, VB.

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