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I'm having a VERY annoying time with Norton Internet Security 2005, actually just the firewall... everything else is fine.

It's blocking all FTP access. If I disable the firewall it's fine. When I load an FTP program (Ace FTP Freeware) or even try to run the DOS FTP program Norton asks me if I want to permit access. I set it so that the program has access to incoming and outgoing communications, on all ports, TCP & UDP and the darn thing still doesn't work.

I have just formatted my harddrive and thought this might even solve the problem (I didn't format for this particular reason alone btw) but it's a no go either way! It used to work, but now no more!!

Anybody got any ideas (Using Win XP SP2 - Win Firewall disabled)



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The problem is Active FTP vs Passive FTP...Do a google search and you will find your answer...


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Michael Pelletier

Which is pretty normal.

Yes, format the drive again, do not install Norton or any any Personal Firewall crap, use the Win XP firewall.

Some problems are really easy to solve.


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Wolfgang Kueter

Passive FTP failed also. FTP even through web browser.

Anyway. Gave up. Disabled Nortons Firewall and using Win XP while still using Nortons other features.

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Why do you recommend the XP firewall over any other personal firewall? If there is no outbound protection does it not give a false sense of security?

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