Norton Internet Security Blocking Outlook Express email !!! argh!

Well this is the third program its blocked for no obvious reason!

I have worked out via a painstaking amount of deduction that Norton Internet Security is 2005 is blocking any connections to O E via it's firewall! I've set (in programs) Permit Access to Permit all and Catogery to General with no result! SO i tried just email setting- no result!

Any ideas short of uninstalling N I S and replacing it with Zone Alarm Pro?

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Ive sorted it now- thanks anyway.

I removed all the proticols that NIS was using for OE (again). Replaced it manualy. Turned off compy Rebooted Fixed it.

I must have done somthing in a differnt order or somthing as I tried that before wit no success... computers can suck!

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Uninstall it and don't replace it. If you're using XP then turn on the built in firewall and make sure SP2 is installed. Don't use Internet Explorer, use an alternative.


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Jason Edwards


But you will not have outbound protection with XPuke's firewall. Install Zonealarm or Kerio, both free.

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