Norton Internet Security 2005

I have installed the above product on top of Norton Internet Security Professional 2004 and have had no end of problems.

The process ccApp takes up over 100mb of virtual memory and sometimes runs at > 50% CPU. Every few days I have to reboot the machine to make mail work again, where previously it would run happily for weeks.

Rebooting sometimes makes it block random ports.

The firewall log doesn't log anything.

The advanced features of the 2004 version have been obliterated.

As an aside: with 2004 (and 2005) I decided to remove all the rules for individual programs, so that I could be sure they weren't getting up to anything behind my back, and simply create rules for specific port access, e.g. outbound access for http, smtp, pop3 and a few others, free access on the LAN and a couple of extra ports for ftp to a server and dns to the isp. Is that a reasonable thing to do?

Perhaps I should bin Norton and go for something else.

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This is why I stopped using symantec products last year. No end of problems. Try Sygate or Zonealarm, much fewer headaches. Been using the free version of sygate for a year a nd just bought the pro version last week. Works great and doesn't hog the cpu.

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