Norton Internet Security resets my PC.

Hi. I'm experienxing a very annoying problem. After having upgraded from NIS 2003 to NIS 2005, when I have more than one program connected to the Web and downloading data (or running more than one instance of MS Internet Explorer) with lots of data being transferred, my PC performs a self-reset. It's exactly like if I'd press the reset button: I can hear the hard-disk heads click as they reach the landing zone and the system is re-initialized. At times the reset is regular, in other cases I have to restore the Active Desktop.

My system's CPU is an AMD Athlon 2.4 Ghz, the O.S. is Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 1 (but not S.P. 2...); apart from S.P.2, the O.S. is updated. The system is virus-free.

Anyone else experiencing the same problem? Any idea about what's happening? Any suggestion? Thank you, greetings to the N.G.

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There are many possibilities for this, including hardware problems. Did you build it yourself? Why no SP2? Are all other Windows updates installed? Virus free isn't necessarily addware free on a Windows PC. Find out what the analysis on this site says, this isn't likely to fix the problem though.

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better way to diagnose/fix the problem would be to wipe the drive and reinstall only the minimum software that you need. Don't install XP with the computer connected to the Internet or you'll have more malware on it than you know what to do with before you can get the updates. Have SP2 ready on CD and install it before connecting to any network. Enable the built in firewall (SP2 should do that anyway) and install a virus scanner.


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Thanks for the infos, Jason. The PC is not self-assembled, it's from Dex. No SP2 because as it was issued it seemed to cause more problems than solutions, but apart from that all the updates available at Microsoft and tagged as "Important" are installed. I also set the graphic card to "No acceleration", but the problem persists. I downloaded "hijackthis", later I'll run it to see if there's something I can do.

As for re-formatting the hard disk and re-installing the O.S. from scratch, well... I'd prefer not to do it because it's like when you move to a new house: after having unpacked all the boxes there's always something missing and you never find it anymore :-) Apart from jokes, I considered this solution and it's likely that it's the only, real solution... unless I decide to uninstall NIS and turn to another firewall.

Thank you again.

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