Norton Internet Security 2005 after uninstall problem

Hi there,

this is my first post (from Italy). I'm experiencing a problem with NIS

2005. I've uninstalled (from add/remove programs in control panel), restarted the pc, but everything went wrong!

1) I start my dsl and try to surf but I cannot reach most of sites (the only one seems to be google!) and a message errore appear: "Internet Explorer: an ActiveX control in this page is potentially dangerous" or something like that. Click either on yes or no it's the same, nothing changes

2) This is what I get, for example, when I try to go to Windows update page:
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In that case you're going to have to do it the hard way, and there will be no guarantee that your system will work properly or will be free from malware when you're done. In your situation I'd start with

formatting link
Use the direct download link on that site and then use that site to analyze the results Then move on to
formatting link
formatting link
If none of this fixes the problems then you're going to have to wipe the drive and reinstall. Do not reinstall Windows 2000 with the computer directly connected to a DSL modem. You must have SP4 and all subsequent patches on CD and install them BEFORE connecting the modem. Otherwise you'll have half a dozen worms on the PC before you can patch it.

Consider getting a proper external firewall and don't install bloatware security products. Some of them are worse than useless as you have discovered.


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Jason Edwards

That is what happens usually once you try to uninstall the crap.

IIRC there is an instruction on the Symantec site.

Which s however the best way to get really rid of the Norton crap.


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Wolfgang Kueter

Norton isn't popular in this group as you may have noticed. Download and run SymNRT from

following the instructions in the program. Then if you have NO other Symantec products installed, delete any remaining Norton and Symantec folders from C:\\Program Files, C:\\Program Files\\Common Files, and from C:\\Documents and Settings\\All User\\Application Data. You should really also run regedit and do finds on Norton and Symantec, deleting any obvious references to NIS. This should completely elimate NIS from your machine. Reboot and re-install, ensuring you do so from an administror account. HTH

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