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I am using a single Windows XP machine with McAfee firewall and McAfee online Anti-Virus scanner installed. However, the Network Connection tray icon indicates constant inbound and outbound traffic even when I am not running any application that should be legitimately using the net. When I check the firewall traffic summary, it says that no data transfer is taking place. However, the Windows tray indicator shows that packets are going in and out continuously. What could be the possible causes?

Thanks in advance. Sabya

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You can use something like Ethereal a packet sniffer and something like Active Ports (both are free) to see if traffic is leaving the machine and McAfee has been beaten by malware.

You can also use Process Explorer to look at what's running on the machine as well.

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You can right-click in the PE's upper and lower panes and go to Properties as well -- go look around on the machine.

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Mr. Arnold

I know that Tiny Personal Firewall will show data flow even when nothing is coming in or out of the network. That is data flow internally on your machine that will show up, plus if you are running a network, and data being transferred accross your network will also show in the firewall logs. At least Tiny Personal Fireall will also log traffic travelling locally on my LAN.

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