Netscreen 5GT Firmware

I just ordered and received a Netscreen 5GT firewall. The firmware on the box is 5.0.0r8.

Can this be right? This is a brand new box... The Juniper website says the current Netscreen firmware is 5.3.0. All of the printed material that came in the box (release notes, Documentation CD, etc.) all are for 5.0.0.

Should I send it back to the dealer and ask for one with the latest firmware and documentation?

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Just register your product and you'll get 3 months free downloads from They always ship with 5.0.0r8. There's 5.0.0r10b now, 5.1.0r4a, 5.2.0r3, or 5.30r2. Upgrading is a very easy. For production I run 5.0.0r10b. For fun I play with 5.3. I'd say 5.1 is also suitable for production (since it's up to r4) but I haven't moved up yet.


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Select ScreenOS and see which has the features you want. Read the Release Notes.

This is one great firewall.


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