blocking based on meta keyword tags?

I'm looking for a firewall (software or hardware, preferably hardware) that can block web pages based on html meta keyword tags that might be in them. (A software solution would have to run on an independent PC, not be installed on the PC doing the web browsing).

Basically all I'm trying to do is weed out adult products from Amazon does a creditable job of using the keywords, but now I need something that can filter based on them.

Does anybody know of such a thing? Many router/firewalls claim to block based on "keywords", but the keywords they refer to are embedded in an URL. That's not what I want at all.


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The entire page needs to be retrieved and scanned before any of it is returned to the client. That is beyond router/firewall capabilities. What you need is an HTTP/HTTPS proxy server.

(Someone could conceivably add that to a router/firewall, but that wouldn't make it a firewall/router function, it would make the device a firewall/router/proxy. IMO it's best to keep separate functions separate.)

The one which is probably the best known is Squid:

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I've never used it so I can't express an opinion of its capabilities nor answer any specific questions about it.

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Ken Sims

There is a previous post on this subject. The combination of Squid and Dan's Gaurd

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is effective. This seems to run on any *NIX system (Linux, {Net,Free,Open}BSD, OS/X, Solaris, HP-UX. This looks pretty solid and the price is right (free).

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