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I hope someone out there can help with this problem I'm having.

I have a Netscreen-5GT Device at a satellite location that is tunneled over the Internet to the head office Device that is a NetScreen-25.

To make matters a little more complicated I do not have access to the configuration of either of these devices because this has been outsourced to a third party that provided the above mentioned equipment. Radiant Communications is the company.

I've set up a FTP script on a XP Pro SRP2 box that is behind the 5GT device that is scheduled to run every night to upload files to a FTP server that is running at the head office behind the NS25 device.

The problem: I cannot send (PUT) or receive (GET) any data through this tunnel. I get authenticated with no problems but every time I try to transfer a file it will start then right away stall/Hang until a time out occurs or I manually disconnect the session.

Tech support at Radiant has been no help since they just reply with that the tunnel is there and running.

I've been searching the web reading up on XP firewall issues, I've disabled the firewall. I've put exceptions for ftp in the firewall. None of which solved the problem.

Here is the kicker; I can FTP to any site that is outside of the tunnel. And I currently have it limping along this way, but I really need to have this FTP traffic going through the VPN tunnel. I am at my wits end and I need help.

Regards. Mark to email me please remove "deletethispart" from the address

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here's a couple of questions i'd ask Radiant if i was in your shoes;

1) Is the VPN tunnel a Policy-based or route-based site-to-site tunnel?

2) What are the policies that control access between the two sites?

3) Can they send you all the policies that are applied across the tunnel?

If it doesn't compromise your VPN security, post the policies here for someone to look at, and see if anything obvious springs to mind.


Ken Z

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