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Recently I've installed cisco vpn client 4.6 to connect to a customers site for remote support. I'm using Windows XP.

I have a very strange side effect (which costs me 2 full days untill now...).

When I startup my computer, I can do everything on the internet (e.g. all ports, web, mail, rdp, news, etc, active sync to mobile device, network browsing)

After 5 minutes however, I cannot go outsite to websites anymore and I cannot do active sync and ports 138, 139 (a share to my machine doesn't work anymore). Other things like port 3389 (rdp) are going well.

BUT, when i FIRE up the connection ONCE through the customer through the VPN client and DISCONNECT immediately, everything works fine afterwards.

I tried to remove the VPN client but then repeatly every 5 minutes after boot, the webbrowsing and activesync and network shares are "dead".

I'm lost.

Is it a firewall thing? Are there some "hidden" rules? Why can I ping to an outsite site (ping

formatting link
but not connect it? The nameserver runs fine, because the
formatting link
gives the ip back.

Kind regards and thanks for any help

Jeroen Bakker

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Jeroen Bakker
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