Used 3com Components. ATM, FDDI, Router, Ethernet...

Selling the following 3com Parts: Corebilder 3500, Corebuilder7000, Netbuilder2, SSII 3300/3000. Cheap prices. The SuperstackII 3300 and the ATM Modules for the SSII 3300 are new and originaly cased. If you are interested at some parts, please send me an e-mail an make an offer. Selling Worldwide.

Here ist the detailed list: Corebuilder 3500 3c35100

10/100 Tx Modul 3c35210 10/100 FX Modul 3c35220 FDDI Modul 3c35410

Netbuilder 2, 8 Slot 3C6904

100Base TX Modul 3C6070 100Base FX Modul 3C6071 BNC / Aui Modul 3C6021 HSS RS232 V.35 Modul 3C6022A HSS RS232 V.35, 3 Port Modul - HSS RS232 V.35, 4 Port Modul - FDDI Modul -

Superstack 2 3300 3c16980 Superstack 2 3300 3c16980 ATM Modul, OC3/OC12, 622MBit 3C16977 Matrix Kabel 3C16965 Superstack 2 3000 3c16942a

100 Mbit FX Modul 3C16970 ATM Modul, OC3, 155Mbit 3c16930

Corebuilder 7000 3c37001 ATM Modul, OC3 3C37158 Rapidfire 616x OC3 ATM Karte -

With best wishes from Switzerland Thomas Herger

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Thomas Herger
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