3com router, DHCP

Hello, I have a problem?. For this to make sense, take notice that this is a long link, thus multiple APs (the long link has nothing to do with the actual problem). The setup: Point A: 3com router, DHCP Point B: D-link 2100 AP in client mode connected to another D-link 2100 AP in AP mode (cable) Point C/D/E: Ordinary clients, laptops etc The problem is that only one computer may connect to the internet, which computer who gets online is only a matter of who?s first to logon. With other words, everybody has been online at some point, but alone. All computers have contact with the AP in point B at all time, but only one computer get an IP assign. Personally I can?t remember to see any configuration option in the D-links which would remotely relate to this problem, thus the 3com router should be the sinner?? Is there any configuration related to this subject in the 3Com routers? Thanks!

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