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How to do BERT testing on an Ethernet?
Mitch, I would recommend a Viavi/JDSU or EXFO test set. They are designed to do this kind of testing. There are other cheaper alternatives out there as well. They will generate a constant stream of...
5 years ago
NFS mounts
I just posted a question to but it looks like the group is 99.9% spam. (I only see one actual article, and more than 99 spam.) I am trying to get diskless Suns to boot, after not doing it for some...
5 years ago 1
POE at 15 volts?
I have a PoE power injector rated at 15V, but I didn't know that there was a PoE standard at 15V. Was this an early version of the standard? Any other place that it occurs? thanks.
5 years ago
Enable jumbo frames on a port 3com 5500G switch
int 3/1/4 5500-GigabitEthernet3/1/4] 5500-GigabitEthernet3/1/4] jumboframe enable
6 years ago
Looking for Ethernet Blade Switch With Isolated Segments
I am looking for a 4U switch that can insert about six ports on blades, similar to this idea: The key requirement though is that each inserted card act as an independent ethernet switch. I don't want...
6 years ago 1
Extending a small LAN
We connect to the world through a DSL modem which by necessity is located in the centre of our facility. This modem has four LAN ports. There is a Cat5e line running from one of those ports (LAN1)...
6 years ago 5
I really need help on an avaya merlin magix phone system.
I have an extension that works internally but I cant get a dial tone for outside calls.
6 years ago
3 megabit ethernet
Does anyone here know about 3 megabit ethernet? Do any such chips still exist? Or maybe an FPGA based bridge to 10 megabit would be the easiest way to do the conversion. -- glen Haven't seen any...
7 years ago 6
measuring throughput with netperf
Hello, I'm doing benchmark test of Linux server using netperf. According to information at the theoretical max throughput rate for 1514-bytes packets is 117.35 Mbp/s, however I'm getting 957 Mbp/s for...
7 years ago 4
Re: Shielded RJ-45: Internal vs External Ground?
X-posting to the Cabling newsgroups X-posting to Cabling newsgroups X-posting - for those in the Cabling world -
7 years ago 2
100BASE-TX Scrambler Problem
The clock input is not the MII.TXCLK but refers to the bits in the 5B code-group. This makes me believe that the TXEN is not the MII.TXEN which is only valid during frames. It is rather a global...
7 years ago
Question about switch/nic behavior in experiment
Hi, I moved to a new apartment recently. I guess the previous owners really lik ed using the phone because it had SEVERAL phone sockets on every room, clos et and bathroom, all of them leading to an...
8 years ago 1
ethernet cables
i need cables for office installation, which cables are good for installation? Ones which meet the specifications called for by the speed of Ethernet you are running. This day and age I would *guess*...
8 years ago 1
[CM] Mellanox' 56gb ethernet card
Title: Mellanox shows off 56Gb Ethernet cards Author: Charlie Demerjian Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 07:00:03 -0400 Link: Mellanox was showing a very interesting networking card to SemiAccurate at MWC, one...
8 years ago
How do I convert my second Router into an Access Point
Hi everyone, February 11, 2014 I would like to use my Sitecom router as an access point. Is this the way t o do it? I am using Windows 7 Ultimate and I have a Ubee UVW-3200 cable Modem/Router . On...
8 years ago