Problem: 2 ISP, 1 router, 1 modem, 1 modem/router

Hello everyone. I used to have only one ISP. A Cable Internet Connection with a cable modem connected to a router, and the router connected to a 24 port switch. And the switch connected to about 20 computers.

Since the router is dual wan, i decided to add a second ISP(DSL) as backup in case the other one is down. I planned to plug in the 2nd ISP to the 2nd WAN port of the router in order to utilize the load balancing feature of the router. And also I expected that the router would automatically switch between the two ISP's, whichever is available. Unfortunately, the 2nd ISP provided me with a modem/router. They wouldnt allow me to configure the modem/router as a router only so that i can plug it to 2nd WAN Port of my existing router.

Can I connect the modem/router to the 2nd WAN port of my existing router without reconfiguring the modem/router as a modem only? Is there any other way i can configure my setup so that the 20 computers can access the internet as long as at least 1 ISP is available?

Im using Win XP Pro on all pc's.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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citylight wrote: (snip)

As an ethernet question, the consideration is whether you need a crossover cable or a straight through cable. Most likely straight though.

I don't see anything wrong with connecting the 2nd WAN port to the DSL modem/router. I presume you will be on a NAT using private addresses in any case. You do need to make sure that the appropriate different (sub)net addresses are used on the two ports.

If you have more questions, this is really an IP question and should go to comp.protocols.tcp-ip.

-- glen

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glen herrmannsfeldt

Thank, I will try that. :)

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Many, many thanks sir. I got it working now. I connected the modem/router to the 2nd wan port. Assigned a static IP to 2nd Wan, with the Lan IP of modem/router as gateway. Thanks again.

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