Does anyone know about SynOptics 28115? and what is it?

Hello, I was driving around and I found two SynOptics 28115, I think they are ethernet switch? but what is it? I don't understand what it does or how to use it? Does anyone have any information on what I can do with this? or any web site with information about SynOptics? or how to used it. Thank You SiRkNiGhT115

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Good afternoon.

I too the owner such BayStack 28115. You could not send me your version of an insertion.. 2.1.x

mail: alex

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1) To clear up the TR vs E question, these are absolutely positively unquestionably Ethernet and Ethernet only. The 3 = Ethernet/5 = Token- Ring was for the four digit products, in which the first digit referred to the category of chassis (3000, 5000...), and the second digit referred to the datalink (3 for Ethernet, 5 for Token-Ring). The 28K absolutely did not fit into this numbering scheme.

2) This product came out right around the acquisition of Synoptics by Wellfleet, and IMHO represented one of the best missed opportunities of Bay Networks. The price and port density were vastly better than the Kalpana, and management could be done by a simple telnet menu based interface. This device had no competition. Unbelievable squandered opportunity. I actually think it came out before the merger, since I was one of the first new hires of Bay, and I remember working on it. Maybe it came out just after I joined.

3) This guy will work just fine as a simple switch with spanning tree, using all the defaults. I don't remember any VLAN stuff on it, I certainly do not remember using any. If there is any VLAN stuff, then it probably predates the 802.1q standard, so it could only do it with another 28K.

Switches are so cheap nowadays, maybe you want to buy a new one rather than have it fail on you due to simple age.


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Thats as I remember it as well. I vaguely remember the 28k being named to fit in with the WellFleet product numbering mechanism. It certainly didn't fit into the fairly consistant SynOptics numbering system up to that time.

We out on the West Coast were always told it was a "merger of equal". Didn't matter much as the brain trust there was rapidly siphoned off by Cisco.

I can't remember a telnet interface to any of the the SynOptics products other than the router products (which were nothing more than cisco routers repackaged to fit in a SynOptics chassis). SNMP management is what I remember, but then again I was the release engineer for Optivity as well as other network management products.

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