May I use a Linksys WRT54G router as secondary wireless access point?

I have a DSL home ethernet LAN using one Linksys WRT54G router with wireless features turned on, but the signal at the far end of the apartment is dodgy for laptop use. I don't want to relocate the main router, but have the opportunity to get a second WRT54G cheap. Can I configure a second one as a slave (access point), and have wireless connection served by either one of the devices? The two routers would not communicate wirelessly, but by CAT5.

I realize that I need to turn off the DHCP server function on the "slave," is there anything else I need to do? Should each router be set to use a different wireless channel, or the same one?

I assume that it would be okay to connect more devices/computers to the second "slave" router via CAT5 as well; is that true?

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Charles Wahl
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That sounds fine to me.

Why not use DHCP on the second? It does need to be a different (sub)net, though. I would probably static address the WAN port of the second, but it could even be done through DHCP.

Yes, that should work fine.

By the way, these are more TCP/IP question and not ethernet questions so should probably go to comp.protocols.tcp-ip

-- glen

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