Intel PRO/100 VM card - Can only get 10Mbps

Can only get this to connect at 10Mbps. I know the port and lan cable is OK because my colleague can use my connection and gets 100Mbps. And I can also only get 10Mbps on his cable.

PC is an IBM Intellistation M Pro.

Can't even find any documentation for this card. Just wondering if its been jumper switched to 10MKbps ?

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paul williams
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What OS? If Windoze, try checking the device in Device Manager to see if it's been configured that way deliberately. I also assume you have the latest drivers, and haven't got some wierd cable problem...

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William P.N. Smith

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Are you sure this is a 100Base-TX card? It could also be a 100Base-T4 card.

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You should find information at the Intel web site. This page should help you identify the card: "Network Adapter Driver Identification Help"

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