Hi there, the other day I found in my street two NuSwitch 224fc Network Peripherals ethernet switches/hubs which the neighbours didnt want and left on the side of the road. I found this on the net "

-wk41.nuswitch-FE224.html Product: NuSwitch 224c Hub - hybrid 10Base-T Hub & Fast Ethernet switch

Company: Network Peripherals (Milpitas, CA) Telephone: (408) 321-7300 Fax: (408) 321-9218 URL:

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10Base-T, Ethernet Description: A hybrid 10Base-T Hub & Fast Ethernet switch which integrates the equalvalent of four 10Base-T clusters or hubs ach supporting 6 Ethernet ports, with two Fast Ethernet uplink segments. The four 0Base-T clusters are fully switched. Provides a cost-effective migration path for existing 10Base-T users by supporting their existing network topology and providing a switched architecture for Fast Ethernet access to local servers, a high-speed backbone and/or increased Ethernet bandwidth for single desktop users. Designed to support the scaling bandwidth demands of today's high-performance client/server network infrastructure and collapsed backbone networks. The FE-224c is a full-featured intelligent 10/100 switching hub that complies with IEEE802.3 and IEEE802.3u Fast Ethernet standards. It provides two full-duplex 100Base-TX switching ports and 24 10Base-T ports, clustered in four integrated10Base-T repeaters. All switching ports feature a wire-speed learning function and a 4,096 MAC address learning table. NPI's parallel store-and-forward architecture makes it possible for delivery of throughput of 148,800 packets per second on the two 100Base-T ports and 14,880 pps on the four 10Base-T switching segments. "

which was from the URL :

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I was just wondering If anyone could come up with some good ideas for what I may be able to use these old ethernet switches for. I dont think i'll get much for them secondhand and I dont want to just throw them out they kinda look "sick" in my room. Anyways I was thinking I could use it for backing up files on different systems and possibly bewoulf clustering. I was wondering if anyone knows how well 10mbps LAN goes on a bewoulf cluster. The switches I have each have 24 10mbps ports so thats 48 10mbps ports all up and 2

100mbps ethernet connections on the rack which apparently is for interlinking switches/hubs and high(er) speed to a server (read above for more tech shit (sorry Im in a real hurry whilst typing this I have to be out the door in 5 mins.) So I was wondering is it really worth keeping these two NuSitch hubs. Ive never had my own network before so it would probably be useful as a testbed system. Have to leave the building I am in IMMEDIATELY I will write more later. (Im at a job agency its 5PM they have internet access theyre closing so im going to use a local Uni Library system I can as soon as I walk there. bye for now

Any thoughts much appreciated thankyou. (gotta go now, damn)

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Some of us run old stuff for fun, as a museum. This message is going out over 10BaseT, 100BaseT, 10BaseFL, 10Base2 via several 10 and 100 mbit switches, 10baseFL hub and a 10Base2 multiport repeater. I hope to add 10base5 when I can get some thicknet cable (I have tranceivers and a vampire tap). I hafe some FDDI equiptment to thrown in the mix when I get additional parts. If you were near Chicago I'd beg one of them from you, but its probably not worth shipping (I gather you are in CA). And Certainly 10 Mbit is fast enough for most home lab experimenting.

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Don't laugh at legacy Ethernet interface -- I'm in the middle of developing a 4 channel Ethernet card for the Defense Dept -- a couple of the channels are Gigabit copper(1000BASET), one channel is Fast Ethernet (100BASET) and a legacy ethernet channel to support 10Base2(Coax).

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