How often do you guys use protocol analyxers ?

Trying to learn how to use one and wondering how often you rely on them, or is this something you sub out.

if so what does it run to have a guy come on site and do an analysis ?

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Depends on what you're using it for? I use mine almost every day, but I develop networking software and like to see what goes over the wire while the program is running. Are you talking about a development environment or a business network that you have to maintain? Regular network support doesn't require a protocol analyzer that often (hopefully).

I don't know, but I'm sure the answer depends on what kind of problem you're trying to solve and why you think a protocol analyzer will help with that specific type of problem? Can you provide more details about how you expect to use a protocol analyzer?

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several times per week. Pretty much anytime the server boys blame "the network" and I have to prove that their own boxes don't work right.

No... In fact, it would scare me to sub out sniffing - the potential for hacking a network with a few good sniffs is tremendous. Of course, I myself am a consultant that does that sort of work, but I always destroy my sniffs before I leave.

$150/hr or $1k/day, usually. SnifferPro is about a $20K investment, so for people with just one niggling problem that's a reasonable amount. Network General used to charge $2k/day for their experts...

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