Travelling PC - Need Help!

I need to stablish a non wired network connection between 2 PC. One of

them is a laptop mounted in a vehicle moving at an average speed of 35

miles per hour and I need the necesary bandwith to stream Low res


I need to cover 65 miles and I can install as many Acces points as

necesary (obiously if access point are the solution )

The major problem here is the speed at the vehicle is moving.

Is Wi-Fi the solution to this connectivity problem? Some of you know how can I solve this?

Thanks id advance for your aswer.


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I guess Wi-Fi won't do ( too many AP and too fast ). What's called WiMAX could do, as well as UMTS.


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Arnold Nipper
  • Arnold Nipper :

I hope you are factoring in the damage caused to a spinning hard-disk due to the vibrations/jerks caused by a moving vehicle.

Why not hook the laptop to the data port of a mobile phone?

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