Connecting two routers in home environment

Hi, I purchased a new Airlink router to replace my old Linksys router. Airlink is connected to the cable modem. I connected the uplink of the old linkysy router to one of the ports on the back of Airlink. I did not make any changes to the Linksys other than changing the DCHP IP address range for the Linksys. Now the computers on my ne Airlink have and the ones connected to Linksys have

Here is the problem, All machines can obtain DHCP address from the router they are hooked up to. All machines can access internet. But when I try to map a drive from machine on Airlink Router to a machine on Linksys router I can only use the IP address of the machine. Machine name does not work mapping from one subnet to the other. Any ideas?


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First, this is not an Ethernet question. You should ask in a TCP/IP newsgroup for details. However, using public ip addresses not assigned to you ( is bad practice and calls for trouble.

This again is not even a TCP/IP question but a Windows name resolution question. Use an appropriate Windows group for details. Using a local WINS or a DNS server might help.

However, the Ethernet answer for this is: you have to bridge your networks, not route them. Deactivate the DHCP server on your linksys and use the preconfigured bridging functionalities (i.e. interconnect the "lan" ports of your devices). By doing so you will end up with a single IP subnet and a single broadcast domain, fixing your name resolution problem since Windows uses broadcast protocols for resolution of local names.

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