VPN problem with 2 cisco 876 routers


I have 2 cisco 876 routers and i have managed to establish a site-to-site vpn tunnel between them. I can ping local network ips from both sides sucessfully but i have a problem reaching via remote desktop a server on the other side.Although i can ping this server,see its shares via \\\\10.x.x.x ip address, i cannot remote desktop to it.The remote desktop service it is verified working on the server and there's no kind of firewall blocking it.I can remote desktop to this server if i port forward the port 3389 on the server and do a rdesktop connection outside the vpn via direct static ip connection.The problem is when i rdesktop via the vpn link... I was thinking that maybe the problem has to do with the mtu settings..so i set mtu on dialer0 if to 1476 and adjusted mss size on Vlan1 to 1436 on both sides but there was no luck...any other ideas??

thank you

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Yannis Milios
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