Problem with Cisco VPN Client

I vpned into worked using my cell phone (dialup networking). I terminate the connection but can't access anything. Looking at the statistics on the vpn client and I'm encrypting but nothing is getting decripted. When I look at the ASA5520 sh crypto ipsec sa, it shows nothing is being encrypted nor decriped. Why is that? Any thoughts?


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In simple terms the encrypted traffic is not reaching to the device. You are using the cell phone to connect to the internet. Check if the GPRS is going through a proxy. Quickest way will be to check your ip if it is pvt it is proxied otherwise not.

traffic on UDP 500 is going through however traffic of IP->ESP is not reaching to the ASA. You can also try NAT Traversal.

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you ASA config is wrong, and your client is set to encrypt everything.

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