cisco 876 as bridge

i have a star topology corp vpn network over internet consisting of main location with cisco-1751 connected to other branch offices. main location and each branch office have its own subnet/16. database servers reside at main location

now, there is a new remote office with just few comps, and there i have cisco-876 over adsl

before making a proposal/request to my network admin, i would like to check is it possible to make bridged connection from remote office [cisco-876] to main location [cisco-1751]?

the idea is to seamlesly incorporate remote office with main office's network, having the same subnet/16 as main office. obvious overhead over bridged connection [netbios, dhcp etc] is not the problem since this is going to be just a temporary solution, having bridge instead of routed connection could help me to have quick solution, without changing the whole corp routing config. so again, the only drawback would be the small overhead which is estimated not to be a problem

any suggestion?


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Maybe bridging over gre/l2tp over the vpn would do the job?

No, i didn't try this yet...

Regards Markus

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