Cisco 876 - Filtered VPNs


I set up an VPN Server on a Cisco 876 and the Access with the Cisco VPN Client works well. The ACL on the Dialer Interface permits VPN Protocol data. And now the Question: The traffic *inside* the VPN tunnel should be restricted. For eg. a VPN User should only have access to HTTP on a server directly connected to the Cisco. How are filtered VPNs created with Cisco VPN technology ?

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Georg Dingler
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Georg Dingler schrieb:

crypto map cmap 10 ipsec-isakmp set ip access-group 111 in set ip access-group 112 out

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Uli Link

Thank you very much ! Meanwhile I discoverd the same feature via SDM Manager (VPN Components -> IPSec -> IPSec Policy -> IPSec Rule).

Uli Link schrieb:

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