stacking 2 routers together problem

What is the DHCP addess that the SMC is getting from what ever you use to get the internet (not mentioned) to the SMC?

There could be a conflict of IP addresses is a guesstimate.

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I dont think this can be done, but an aquaintance of mine has a SMC 4 ports wired router and a Netgear wireless also 4 ports router. He hooked them up with 1 output cable from the SMC connected to the Internet Input port of the Netgear wireless and acts as input fo the WAN port.

The SMC itself is connected to the Internet thru its own WAN port.

Everything seems to "wor" for a few months until I tried to manage the different routers' web server pages where the configuration menus are.

The SMC is and the Netgear is

Everytime after that the network went down and dead in the water. No computer can see each other and Internet is wiped out.

I am not surprised but can anyone tell me Whyor how this set up manage to work at any other time before the I tried to access

192.168.x.1 etc ??


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Thanks for your msg. I tried it at home and it also "worked". Just no network.

BTW the SMC gets the Internet from a DSL modem.

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What DHCP IP address is the DSL modem giving to the SMC? That may be where the conflict is if it is giving it either a 192.168.2.? or

192.168.1.? thus there would be an ip conflict and why you can't get to their web server pages. Just a hunch as I had that happen once to me before I realized it and changed the DHCP range.
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