Vlans on a 2900 series XL switch


I have a 2900 series XL switch I bought in a bundle for my home lab to help with my ccna studies. I am trying to play around with vlans but any of the commands I am reading about do not work. It says to use the "set vlan" and "set vtp" commands to configure vlans on the cisco site, but the only command mine has starting with "set" is setup. Spent a few hours now reading and getting a little frustrated. Any help on how to set up vlans on this device would be greatly appreciated. I have pasted the output from show version below. Also when I first booted the device it started up asking if I wanted to use command line or menus, after I defaulted the device I can not get back to the config menu, I was going to try and set up a vlan domain that way then look at the config to see what changes it made and try using them commands but now I can not get into the config menu either. How do I get back into the config menu also please?




Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software IOS (tm) C2900XL Software (C2900XL-H-M), Version 11.2(8)SA5, RELEASE SOFTWARE (f c1) Copyright (c) 1986-1999 by cisco Systems, Inc. Compiled Tue 23-Mar-99 11:52 by rheaton Image text-base: 0x00003000, data-base: 0x001D0068

ROM: Bootstrap program is C2900XL boot loader

Switch uptime is 20 minutes System restarted by power-on System image file is "flash:c2900XL-h-mz-112.8-SA5", booted via

cisco WS-C2924M-XL (PowerPC403GA) processor (revision 0x11) with

8192K/1024K byt es of memory. Processor board ID 0x10, with hardware revision 0x03 Last reset from power-on

Processor is running Standard Edition Software

24 Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 interface(s)

32K bytes of flash-simulated non-volatile configuration memory. Base ethernet MAC Address: 00:D0:58:CF:DA:00 Motherboard assembly number: 73-3425-08 Power supply part number: 34-0920-01 Motherboard serial number: FAA03179GKG Power supply serial number: PHI031002KD Model revision number: A0 Model number: WS-C2924M-XL-A System serial number: FAA0321F0ER Configuration register is 0xF

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Search by feature... ISL VLAN... Examine platform list... 2900XL is not listed.

Search by feature... IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Support... Examine platform list...

2900XL is not listed.

So, as far as the tool knows, the Cat 2900XL does not support VLANs in any software version.

Okay, try the search again for IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Support, but this time look at the release list. Earliest is 12.0T. So, no software version as early as 11.2 supported IEEE 802.1Q VLANs on -any- platform.

Retrying for ISL VLANs, we see support was available in 11.2(8), but only on the 4500, 7200, and 7500.

Latest version available for the Cat2900XL-ATM: 12.2(1a).

Your software is 6 years old at least, as had to have gone through SA1 thru SA4 before hitting SA5, so probably it hadn't had any feature changes for a year before that. 7 year old software is not of much use in studying for CCNA.

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Walter Roberson

Thanx for your time Walter

So it needs to be upgraded to a later version of cisco IOS in order to have the set commands as I previously mentioned?

Regards, Vos

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Hi Vos,

I am aware of 2 main "versions" of 2900XL H/W, the first is very old with limited memory (they only had about 2MB RAM from memory) and they are physically larger than the later models, and can only run images up to about release11.2.

If you have a later version 2900XL with more memory (4MB or 8MB), then with the right IOS it can do both ISL and 802.1Q trunking.


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Hi Peter

After doing a few hours research at work tonight, I found out all of that info. I do have the 8mb version and I know which image I require also.

Thank you both for your time, the people in this group are very helpful and I appreciate it very much.



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You're reading the wrong docs.

set vlan and set vtp are used on CatOS boxes (ie. c2948G, etc). The 2900XL runs IOS, where you'd use 'vlan database' and 'switchport access vlan' and 'switchport mode trunk' commands.

If you have the WS-C2924-XL-EN your switch can do vlans (unlike what Walter was searching for, the data must be falling out of FN for these old workhorse switches that are everywhere). The -EN part is important for VLAN support, if you have just the -A part, you'll be fighting an uphill battle.

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Doug McIntyre

You are right Doug. The 2900xl does run IOS and they are the comands to set up a vtp trunks. I was following some courseware showing how to config vlans etc on IOS, but the show commands used in the courseware weren't giving the same output as my 2900xl, so my first objective was to upgrade the IOS image. Anyway over the course of the weekend I managed to upgrade the IOS on the 2900xl, the show commands then gave the same output as in the course and I managed to get my 2900xl with vtp configured and sharing vlans with 2 1900 series switches running CatOS, which was my ultimate goal for the excercise. All good now. Thanks again everyone. Regards, Vos

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