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Hi all,

I've got very simple question, because I'm Cisco-beginner. What should I do to remove some lines from router-configuration or replace a line with another one.

Example: I want to replace:

ip route Ethernet0


ip route

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Best regards, A.

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On 17.12.2005 15:23 Amator wrote

Many Cisco configuration commands are undone with putting a "no " in front. Hence

no ip route Ethernet0

will undo your first command. Then add the 2nd one.


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Arnold Nipper

It would be wise to add the default route first, and then delete the stale entry. i.e:

! config terminal ! ip route ! no ip route Ethernet0 ! end !

Wil my 3¢

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Arnold Nipper wrote:

DOH! Hope you weren't doing it remotely! ;) If you were, hope you have access to the directly connected router so you can jump off from it.

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Hansang Bae

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